The Yogurt Man Cometh

Yazar: Kevin Revolinski


Back cover text:

Part travelogue, part memoir, The Yogurt Man Cometh is the story of Kevin Revolinski’s year-long adventure as an English teacher in Turkey, with all of its ups and downs and its constant surprises. From his home base working for a private school in Ankara, Revolinski relates in remarkably candid style his encounters in a foreign culture: his first experiences as a teacher, forays into classroom discipline, navigation of a new language, attempts at cross-cultural flirtation, explorations of timeless and surreal landscapes, acquisition of a taste for rakı and success at making numerous lasting friendships – all told with an open mind and a sense of humor. An enjoyable read for anyone who has spent time in Turkey or who plans to do so; Revolinski’s observations will resonate with those of any outsider who has come to love this country.

What do you do with six kilos of unwanted yogurt, and two strange men who want you to pay them an outrageous three million Turkish liras for itı Kevin Revolinski knows, and does it, and lives to tell us all about it and his many other adventures in Turkey. Humorous, insightful, informative and sensitive, this fluently-written memoir gets deep into what makes Turkey the wonderful-if sometimes confusing and surprising-place that it is. Revolinski’s journey of discovery quickly becomes the reader’s own. "We are the creators of our lives," he writes, and this delightful memoir shows just how it’s done.
Tom Brosnahan, author of Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

Author’s biography:
Kevin Revolinski’s articles and photography have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, and Wisconsin State Journal. He is the author of The Wisconsin Beer Guide and several works of short fiction. He lived in Turkey in 1997 and 1998 and has traveled back there several times since. Now he lives in Madison, Wisconsin, but it can easily be said-to quote Pulp Fiction- "he walks the earth."

Yayın Tarihi 2013-04-30
ISBN 9944424011
Baskı Sayısı 2. Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 224
Cilt Tipi Karton Kapak
Kagıt Cinsi Kitap Kagıdı
Boyut 14 x 21 cm

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