Osmanlı Astronomi Literaturu Tarihi1-2 Cilt: History of Astronomy Literature during the Ottoman Period

Yazar: Kollektif


This work is an important step in interpreting the period of history of science in Islamic lands after the 13th century. A group of researchers prepared the list of 582 ‘Ottoman’ writers who prepared astronomical works approximately between the years 1400- 1923.

The inventories of manuscripts located in the libraries of Turkey and outside of Turkey were given. Some tables in the book give a long list of astronomical works copied within the geographical area where the Ottomans ruled. We should also underline that although the book was prepared in Turkish, it contains useful explanations for those who speak English. Therefore, this study can be easily used by all researchers who work in this field.

Yayın Tarihi 1997-01-01
ISBN 9290630728
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Cilt Tipi Ciltli
Kagıt Cinsi Kitap Kagıdı
Boyut 15.5 x 23.5 cm

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